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About Lydia Charles Photography

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My Commitment

I treat every wedding and event as though it was my own. As your photographer, I am looking to help in whatever way I can. Sometimes that means setting the camera down to help with a centerpiece, holding the wedding train, or helping grandpa up the stairs. 

My goal with each and every couple is to ensure that your vision for your wedding day is not only met; it is surpassed with elegance and grace.

I’m devoted to my family and friends and I’ll devote myself to yours.

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Authenticity / 


Presence /

I strive to unearth the genuine, unscripted moments that define your unique story. With a laid-back approach, I provide gentle direction and then step back to capture the raw, authentic you. I promise to hold space for your individuality – never asking you to be someone you're not, and celebrating love in all its forms. I’ll take care of all the details so you can be fully immersed in the moment.

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Bonjour, I'm Lydia!

My love for photography began a long time ago…way back in high school when my art teacher gave me the key to the dark room. I would spend countless hours developing films and images far away from the hectic noise that is the teenage years. 

It was there that the world of photography opened up to me, and to this day, photography is still my escape. Whether it is as an observer behind the camera capturing life around me or in the dark room bringing those images to life, photography has always been this quiet place where I feel at peace. As an introvert, words may not be my strong suit, but my photographs tell stories of their own.

After studying photography in college in hopes of pursuing a career as a fashion photographer, I was mentored by some of the best fashion photographers in Montreal. After a little while, I realized that a part of me still was not fulfilled. So, I decided to leave the industry, picked up an old film camera and began traveling the world. But, after visiting Detroit and meeting my husband I finally settled. 

Suddenly the things I valued most of all were time and connection with loved ones. Now those same values pour over into my client experience as a wedding photographer. My desire is to create timeless wedding imagery that will preserve the love and joy you experience on your special day – capturing not just the moments, but the authentic emotions and connections that make your story uniquely beautiful.

when i'm not behind the camera

you can find me spending time at home in Detroit with my husband David and wild little boy, Henri, chasing antiques, planning a trip, or dreaming of buying a land up north to build our future woodsy retreat. 

Anything that involves great people, good food/wine and great conversation – you can count me in.

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